Walton hall park wildlife garden

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Walton hall park wildlife garden

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The friends of Walton hall park have already created a beautiful rose garden within the 130 acre park and with that success we are now planning to create a wildlife garden for the local children and schools to enjoy. The garden is 3 acres and we also plan to grow our own vegetables and herbs which we will sell to back to the community at a discount but still bringing money into the garden to keep making a difference and making improvements into the park. We are all volunteers and this is a non for profit community group.
  • spades, forks, hoes, rakes, compost bins, planting pots and raised beds.. Wood, tree trunks, shingle, woodchip, gravel. concrete slabs, walking stones, plants, shed, sand, concrete, green houses, hoses, buckets, paint, fencing. Benches, bins, lighting,