"The Bitter End" - Romford

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"The Bitter End" - Romford

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Hello local residents and businesses, We are involved in ‘Recycling Buildings’ around and in London, we bring buildings back to a live. It’s a larger group of us, we find building that has been empty for while, we make research about the history and current planning permissions. As soon as we find out that the building will most likely just sit there sad, and empty we get in touch we the owner to make an agreement to change it into working and living space. All the expenses we pay, we search and look for materials and stuff that has no more use, we also ask for local help, from residents and the council. We made one year agreement with owner of ‘The Bitter End’ in Romford, in Essex. Its an amazing historic building, that sadly had fire and therefore it got shut down, it's been closed for couple years. Since, it has been squatted many times and occupied by pigeons, local kids come break windows and do other vandalism. Building has 4 floors with basement that got flooded after the fire. The electric and water pipes got striped, walls are disturbed with random tags, holes. Most of the floors are covered with dead pigeons and faeces. At least 10 mayor windows are broken. Oil spillage on staircase and corridors. Pieces of rubbish, and stuff that doesn’t have any use and can’t be turned into any use. But behind all that tragedy its an absolutely beautiful building that needs a month or two of heavy duty work and then it can be put into interesting and productive use. The plan of the building is to create creative spaces. Local café with occasional talks and debates, film/cinema nights, create guest and living spaces, workshops (working with materials, artistic, how to use computer and internet, music, films and so on), the building has 3 beautiful flat roofs that we want to convert into small gardens. We also own plenty of music instruments from pianos to guitars and more. We made only 1 year agreement, but that doesn’t mean we will have to leave, we may stay there for longer if we turn the place into success. So far, we have experience and experienced people to turn the building into liveable and working place again. We also have some support from other communities, we also have little access to free unused materials, friends that can help with skills, we using free cycle website and we asking people around for any help and support. We not asking for money, we only asking for materials that would be otherwise thrown away. Now, we are seeking for electric cables and fuse boxes, since the building has only main power fuse box. Pipes for distributing water around the building. Off cuts of wood to fix walls and grounds. Fire resistant panels, fire alarms and systems. Windows and doors. If you also have stuff that can help us to decorate the place, it’s more than welcome to be contributed. And of course, any little help and material helps to change the place. If you have any questions, suggestions and anything you can offer to the group, please get in touch. Here is my email, my name is Linda and I am dealing with the online stuff. vankova.linda@hotmail.com or vankova.linda@seznam.cz Thanks