Sensory/ECO garden

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Sensory/ECO garden

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There is an unused area of land within the grounds of Techniquest Glyndŵr which used to be the Nursery School garden. It is now unused and has become derelict. This project will work with local partners during the initial development stage to undertake the transformation of the land into a Community Education Garden. The benefits to the public of utilising this land for the Community will be:  community use and access to a Community Garden in a residential area that is currently unused, revitalising a neglected piece of land to benefit both the local community organisations across N Wales (Wrexham, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Conwy) and potentially across borders into Powys and Cheshire  no access issues  no disturbances for local residents (there are houses on the perimeter)  basic maintenance will be guaranteed by Techniquest Glyndŵr (with community involvement to maintain and develop the garden on an on-going basis)  no ownership issues  central location We need lots of items and building materials for this project so please contact us for further information as to what is required. Thank you!