Reopening/ renovation of forest school

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Reopening/ renovation of forest school

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We had a forest school on site, but due to losing our forest school leader (and scarce spare funds to train a new one) it has not been utilised for a couple of years now. Recently, a group of parents went in to tidy up the area, and we discovered that the pond fence was rotten and unsafe, so we removed it (but do not have funds to buy a new fence), so even though we have plans in place to obtain grant funding to train a new forest school leader, the children still will not be able to access their forest school (which they all loved so much.) This area and outdoor lessons provided them with so many benefits (especially the more non academic children, the children with learning and behavioural difficulties and our autistic spectrum children) as they could relax and be, while learning and exploring (as well as learning new skills). We are particularly looking for fencing posts, and rails for an 18m pond fence, and any other lumber supplies so that, in addition, we can build extra seating inside the classroom shed, to accommodate the increase in class sizes since the forest school was last used.) Many thanks, if anyone can assist us with our project.
  • Fence posts and rails
  • Lumber supplies/ bench making 5ftx4inx2in