Proud members of Community RePaint

Did you know than an estimated 50 million litres of the 320 million litres of paint sold in the UK each year go to waste? This paint is either thrown away or stored in homes or garages despite over 50% of it still being usable.

Community RePaint is a UK wide paint reuse network, sponsored by Dulux, that aims to collect this leftover paint and redistribute it to benefit individuals, families, communities and charities in need at an affordable cost. The network is run on a day to day basis by Resource Futures, an environmental consultancy. Currently the network is made up of over 74 schemes and redistributes over 300,000 litres of paint each year.  No two schemes are the same, varying in size, operational set up and motivational drivers but they all have the same vision to create communities where everyone has the opportunity to brighten their spaces and their lives.

Recipro collect unused paint from across the NorthWest and North Wales, and sell these part used tins from just £1.20 a litre!

In addition to this, we are also now one of two Remanufacturing Centres within the network.  Being a remanufacturing centre allowed us to take the next step in paint reuse – reprocessing more leftover paint, ensuring its quality and longevity, and then making it available in new ReColour branded containers to community organisations (especially those with premises to decorate) and families on low incomes.