Who can use the Recipro service?

posted 13.03.2014

We are getting asked this question more and more, especially with the success of our ReciproCities and Community Repaint schemes helping to grow our reputation as a provider of top quality materials for a low cost. So we thought it would be better to clearly outline who can use the Recipro service, so you can see how we can help you.

Who can use the Recipro website?

The short answer is, absolutely anyone and everyone. Whether you?re a business, from the third sector, general public or just a keen DIYer, anyone can use the site to source or sell any surplus or reusable materials they have ? the best part it?s absolutely free!

It?s free to register, free to list materials and free to contact other members ? we also take NO COMMISSION from any sales made through our site!

Who can purchase materials from a ReciproCity?

Everyone is welcome to visit and browse the stock at any ReciproCity store. We segregate our stock so that when we receive material donations from contactors and suppliers for the first 6-8 weeks those materials are exclusively for third sector and community projects. After that time the materials become open to all and available to purchase by anyone.

What constitutes a community/third sector project?

Obviously registered charities cane asily provide a charity number should it be requested but community projects can be a little more of a grey area.

At Recipro we don?t want to put unnecessary barriers in the way of the local community trying to improve their area so as long as you can demonstrate that the project will have a positive impact on the local area either by improving the way the area looks or helps out the people or wildlife in the community we are happy to help!

We are also happy to help; faith groups, social enterprises, CIC?s, schools, colleges and low income tenants within the community.

Don't forget you can add your project to the Recipro Communities Page!

Who can purchase from our Community RePaint schemes?

Anyone! If you need low cost paint and accessories to paint you?re office, home, local community centre or anywhere you can purchase paint from Community Repaint Wirral (or East London) for just £1 per litre with various low cost accessories also available!

We hope this clears all that up, if you?re still confused you can tweet us @ReciproUK or email communities@recipro-uk.com.


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