Cyclists protest for new investment to make roads safer

posted 03.12.2013

recently wrote about the spate of deaths experienced on London?s roads.  Last Friday witnessed a mass protest of over 1,000 cyclists outside the Transport for London Headquarters.

The demonstration to encourage the authorities? greater investment in road safety in London took the form of a mass ?die-in protest?. The 15 minute lie down in the road saw riders and their bikes sprawled across Blackfriars Road while others held candles.

During November 6 cyclists died on the roads of London. The protest was inspired by similar demonstrations in Holland.

The campaigners are calling for greater investment in London?s cycling network to create a separate, segregated modern cycle network that is at least two meters wide. They believe that London has the space to create such a network.

The reality is that currently between 8-20 people have died each year since 2002. This recent spate has shed greater light on the issue but it is a long running problem that needs to be addressed.  Further to this there have been over 330 serious injuries each year during this period.

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