Corruption rife in Construction Industry?

posted 21.11.2013

I read with interest on this week's Construction Enquirer website an article which claims that corruption and bribery are still rife in construction.

With so many good things happening in the construction industry it is with disappointment that we read today that some of the traditional pitfalls of the industry still exist. Some specialist contractors are even threatening to quit the industry for good, fed up with alleged backhanders being the driving force behind contract awards.

A number of contractors have written to express their frustration at a culture of corruption; many now seem ready to turn their backs on the construction industry.

The letters detail some alarming accusations of project managers who have accepted brown envelopes, one stating that the winner of work is the one that hands over the largest brown envelope. Equally alarmingly many believe that head office have no idea what is going on.

One boss of a Civils firm stated ?Head offices and government ministers would be horrified if they realised the amount of money going into people?s back pockets on these sites.?

It remains to be seen what steps will be taken to investigate and take appropriate measures to address these allegations.

Recipro sourced this from the Construction Enquirer


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