Tesco targets food waste with reductions in multi-buy offers

posted 21.10.2013

 Following on from a series of blogs that we posted here about consumer behaviour, and in particular food waste emerging from supermarkets Tesco have taken action against one of the areas we highlighted – the multi-buy offer.

Tesco have announced that they will no longer use multi-buy offers on bagged salads as well as remove display until dates for fresh fruit and vegetables. According to research two thirds of bagged salads discarded as waste. Following a study of their supply chain they have decided that this is one step they can take to address the problem of food waste.

It was reported by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) recently that the grocery retail sector supply chain produces a massive 6.5 million tonnes of food and packaging waste.

With families estimated to be wasting £700 on food, supermarkets play a key role in addressing both the economic impact on its consumers as well as addressing the massive amounts of food waste produced. Multibuy offers are one of the strategies identified, other methods including trialling longer lasting products and offering mix and match offers smaller packaged goods.  

Recipro sourced this article from edie.net

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