From Waste to Resource

posted 04.09.2013

At Recipro we are committed to turning what some deem to be waste (surplus and second hand) materials into a resource that can benefit local communities as well as the third sector.

With zero waste week currently happening we have also enjoyed doing upcycling projects by using surplus materials to create display stands for our ReciproCity Wirral stock, our most ambitious upcyling project to date has been the construction of the very stylish paint accessories display (see the below image).

Well, our project pales in comparison to the sportswear giant Nike?s new concept store in Shanghai which has been construction entirely using waste materials, including over 5,000 drinks cans and 50,000 old CDs and DVDs.

Built by Miniwiz Sustainable Development, an architectural firm based in Taiwan, the building has been designed to be 100% adaptable by using a suspension ceiling system to adapt to different retail set ups during the course of a year ? thus making it a multi use work place for whomever requires it.

All the building materials used on the project are ?urban mined? and recycled from consumer lifestyle rubbish. The other clever part is that as no glue has been used it means that all materials can be 100% re-recycled or reused separately too.

The building?s connection joints are made from 5,278 aluminum cans, and the 2,000 yards of tension cables are made from 2,000 post consumer recycled water bottles. The building is constructed from Miniwiz?s RiceFOLD ceiling panels, which were made from 50,000 recycled CDs and DVDs.

Miniwiz recently completed the world?s biggest building built using 1.5 million plastic bottles. Known as the EcoARK, the building weighs half as much as a normal building but it is strong enough to withstand all the natural elements including fire.

Recipro sourced this article from 2degreesnetwork.

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