Community Project saves over a tonne of carbon by using Recipro

posted 01.11.2012

At Recipro we?re committed to helping the UK construction industry and community projects by diverting surplus building materials away from landfill and into worthwhile projects!

This blog looks at yet another community project that have benefited from purchasing cheap building materials from Recipro.

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Helping Young People Everywhere

? Over 764kg waste avoided
? 1.34 tonnes of carbon saved
? Over £1050 saved *

Helping Young People Everywhere (HYPE) aims to give all young people, irrespective of social background, gen­der, religion or ethnic origin, the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

HYPE targets the most deprived communities across Merseyside focusing on problems and barriers affecting young people. Their main activities include mentoring, support, courses and workshops focusing on: health and mental wellbeing, inclusion in physical activity, education and employment progression, training, providing volun­teer and work experience opportunities.

In 2012 HYPE plans to open three community based Hubs in Wirral to provide activities and opportunities to young people and to support communities tackle issues.

HYPE were able to reuse a number of materials, includ­ing kitchen units, fencing and desk partitions. In all, they saved well over £1050* through using Recipro.

The total carbon saved through the reuse of these materi­als was 1.34 tonnes, including a recipient saving as the material did not need to be ?remade?, and a supplier sav­ing by diverting the material from the waste stream. Over 764kg of waste was diverted.

Recipro calculate carbon savings using their innovative carbon calculator which was built in partnership with the Centre for Construction Innovation and the University of Salford.  For more information on how your construction company can benefit, please visit our corporate services page.

HYPE and Recipro hope to continue to work together to benefit as many young people in Merseyside as possible.

Matthew Houghton ? HYPE - ?HYPE would like to thank Recipro for helping our budget stretch further by providing us with top quality ma­terials at extremely low prices. HYPE targets the most deprived communi­ties across Merseyside focusing on problems and barriers affecting young people. Thanks to Recipro we were able to set up 3 new centres within the Merseyside area, which will allow us to help many more young people. We would recommend the Recipro service to any organisation ? helps to save money and does some good for the environment too!?

* based upon cost of same or similar new material, assuming no trade discount

If you know of any charity or community project who could benefit from the Recipro service please email

If you are a construction company and would like to know how you can get involved in the Recipro Managed Service, please click here.


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