Company avoids 12 tonnes of waste by using Recipro website

posted 25.10.2012
Recipro operates a free to use website in order to help re-home as much building material as we possibly can as opposed to it being sent to be landfill.

We very recently received a great testimonial from one of the users of our free website and we’d like to share it with you all!

“I would just like to commend you on the Recipro website.

We install resin bound gravel driveways throughout the south east and often this entails removing existing driveway coverings, some of which there is little wrong with and it has always pained me that we have to send so much useable material either to landfill or to be crushed for hardcore.

With our most recent project, there was over 170m2 of perfectly useable block paving that needed removing, when we lifted it and counted we were left with in excess of 6000 blocks or in weight terms, roughly 12 tons.

Through a single ad on your site we have managed to re-home every last block. We offered them free of charge and over 7 different people have come to collect. They saved money, we saved time and money and the materials were recycled in the best way possible.

We will be using Recipro to try and recycle any materials we have left over from here on.”

If you would like to share any experience that you’ve had when using the Recipro service we’d love to hear from you – you can email them to

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