Recipro's reused office

posted 23.06.2011

Recipro thought that it may be of interest to you to know the reuse behind the office we work in.

Our parent company, The Trustland Group required a new, 18 m² office to be con­structed on a mezzanine floor, to accommodate a growth in staff numbers.

Half glazed office partitioning was deconstructed from a client project and installed around the outer edge of the mezzanine. This was a total of 22 sections. 3 fire doors were also installed along with 3 large radiators.

Although the ceiling tiles were purchased new to avoid a patch­work effect, the grid was reused (approximately 60m²).

Shelving, insulation and plasterboard were also reused, or sur­plus from previous projects.

Office furniture (3 desks and underdesk filing units) plus swivel chairs were also returned from another project and used in the furnishing of the office.

The end result was a success, with the office now being used by several members of staff.

 What was reused?

22 Partitioning panels

3 Firedoors

3 Radiators

60 m² Ceiling grid

75 m² Insulation

5.1 m Softwood battens

15 sheets Plywood

40 m² Plasterboards

50 m² Plywood/hardboard

Office furniture

What savings were made?

If purchasing these materials new rather than using quality second hand materials, the would have been £14,010.

If disposed of, it would have been over 3.5 tonnes of reusable materials sent to land­fill.

The volume of these items would have filled approximately 2 roll on roll off skips at a cost of £500 each (plus 3 men for one day at £480)

TOTAL SAVING = £15,490

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