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posted 31.03.2010
The Recipro team have come up with a fun construction/environment related quiz, see how you get on, answers will be published on the site next week!

1) For every tonne of household waste how much do commercial, industrial and construction businesses produce?
a. Another 2 tonnes
b. Another 6 tonnes
c. Another 15 tonnes

2) What are the most environmentally unfriendly construction materials?
a. Concrete
b. PVC based products
c. Bricks

3) How many lego bricks were needed for James May’s full lego house?
a. 6.7 million
b. 5.4 million
c. 3.2 million

James May's Lego House

4) Which animals have been discovered to predict earthquakes?
a. Cats
b. Toads
c. Rats

5) How many tonnes of ice are falling into the sea every year?
a. 2 ½ million
b. 250 million
c. 250 billion

6) What building material did the Romans invent?
a. Bricks
b. Copper Piping
c. Concrete

7) WWF estimated that how many people switched their lights off as part of their campaign during Earth Hour?
a. 600,000
b. 4 Million
c. 1 Billion

8 ) Match the following famous architectural landmarks with the correct names

Quiz Pictures

i. Kuwait Towers
ii. Arc de Triomph
iii. Petronas Towers
iiii. Constantine’s Arch

9) What radical idea have the Chinese planned for their landfill sites?
a. Spraying landfill sites with deodorant
b. Giant fans pointing away from the cities
c. Face masks to be given out free of charge

10) What legendary computer game character was spotted on Saturn’s moon Minas?
a. Lara Croft
b. Mario
c. Pac-Man

Have fun and keep an eye out for the answers next week!

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