Volunteers Needed: Horse Sense Wirral

posted 18.07.2013

At Recipro we are committed to lowering the amount of surplus building materials entering waste streams and instead putting them to good use to help out local community projects. Thanks to the forward thinking of a number of large contractors and suppliers we have been able to provide a lot of community projects with the materials they need at prices they can afford. The only thing Recipro can?t provide is the work force to help the projects (although we have been known to help out where we can ? check out this blog about our volunteer day at PERC nursery!), so we?re calling for help from our users!

Horse Sense is a community project that was set up several years ago. It began when Amy, already the owner of Queenie, took on Herbie, a 30-something pony in very poor condition. After extensive treatment and TLC, Herbie began to improve to the point where he?s now a content pony enjoying his retirement.

Following the publicity surrounding his case, Amy began to receive calls about other horses and ponies in need. She helped when she could and put people in touch with other sources of help when she couldn?t.

Having built up quite a team of experienced individuals in horse welfare and the charity sector and with well-wishers and supporters from all walks of life, it seemed she must draw on this support. After carefully considering all the options and with advice and support from lots of different people, the decision was made to work towards registering what had become Horse Sense Wirral as a charity.

Now they need the help of others to improve the service they provide and to be able to manage more of these poorly treated animals. If you live near or on the Wirral and have any free time to volunteer it would be greatly appreciated, some of the work would need to be carried out by those with trade experience for jobs such as:

  • Putting up a chain link fence around their field as well as re-installing the concrete posts

  • They also require some basic wooden stable building and refurbishing of existing units at the same site

Any company that would like to get involved in the work will not only get the satisfaction of helping out someone in need but they will also be allowed to place an advertising banner/hoarding around the field which is close to a very busy junction with lots of traffic.

If you?re interested in getting involved in this project please contact Jane Richards on jane.richards@thirdsectorthinking.co.uk.

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