The Sweet Smell of Landfill

posted 30.03.2010

Landfill sites have a number of associated problems including high emissions, ground and water contamination as well as being unsightly and smelly. One problem that an innovative landfill in Beijing is looking to solve is the bad odours created by landfill following a barrage of complaints from local residents bemoaning the unsavoury stench. Beijing has a population of 17 million which is devel...

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Conserving biodiversity

posted 11.03.2010

We'd love to talk Building services all day, but we're aware that most of our readers have more interest in our environmental posts.  Some topics are hotter than others...  more now from the defra 2009 Public attitudes and behaviours towards the environment survey. Defra asked respondents to list reasons why biodiversity should be conserved and asked them to rank them in order of importance, s...

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Wirral MP Ben Chapman Visits Recipro

posted 22.12.2009

Wirral South MP Ben Chapman has been to visit local environmental business, Recipro.  He met with Directors Les Owens and John Carroll. Recipro is a free to use website aimed at the construction industry.  The website allows users to upload details of surplus, unused construction materials to the website where other users can view and enquire about materials for their projects. The website ...

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Energy Use and Climate Change

posted 14.10.2009

Readers, at the recipro offices we've been reading and are frankly astonished at peoples attitudes to Energy and climate change. We thought we'd share more of the findings Respondents were asked to indicate which one of six statements best reflected their feelings with regard to energy use and climate change. Responses to the question are shown in Table 4 compared with findings from tracker surv...

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Beliefs and attitudes towards the environment Part 2

posted 13.10.2009

Beliefs and attitudes towards the environment More from the recipro team on environmental beliefs and attitudes. We love these posts! Respondents were presented with a large number of belief and attitude statements and asked to indicate how strongly they agreed or disagreed with each of these (on a five-point scale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree). This section presents finding...

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