UK falling behind in green business?

posted 24.01.2011
Findings from recent research undertaken by the Carbon Trust indicates that Britain is falling behind Germany in the take up of green business opportunities.

In a survey of Britain’s business leaders, the Carbon Trust found that 92% of respondents said that green growth represents an opportunity for British business. However, it also emerged that currently only a third invests money into research and development for green products and services.

The survey also found that 77% of business leaders believe that the largest benefit of “going green” was to produce an enhancement of their organisations corporate reputation. A third of those surveyed said that producing and implementing a sustainable business plan can have positive impact on the bottom line.

Research suggests that a global environment market exists worth an estimated 3.2 trillion; this represents a massive opportunity for UK business to take advantage of this growing market. The green agenda marks arguably the largest challenge and opportunity of the 21st century.

Tom Delay of the Carbon Trust commented “The consequences of British business failing to grasp this opportunity are almost too horrific to consider: anaemic growth, a jobless recovery and the risk of a return to the economics of boom and bust.

"We cannot afford to carry on as we did before. Businesses need to look beyond the short-term financial reporting cycle and place some smart, early bets on the future.

"Otherwise the cost, both to the UK's economy and to the environment will be too great to ignore."

Source: (20th January 2011)

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