UK Construction Industry makes Progress in fight against Blacklisting

posted 22.03.2013

There has been a big step forward in the fight to eradicate the blacklisting that goes on within the UK construction industry with a clause to be added to the employee contracts of 500,000 construction workers.

The new clause which states, ?The CIJC does not condone any form of blacklisting of any worker?, was added after employers? representatives on the Construction Industry Joint Council bowed to union pressure.

Although the clause does not explicitly forbid the use of employment reference agencies, like the now defunct Consulting Association, union leaders regard it as a significant step.

UCATT General Secretary Steve Murphy, who proposed the new clause, said: ?This is a major step forward, blacklisting is a vile and disgusting practice. There must be no hiding place for blacklisters in construction or any other industry. The majority of the major companies responsible for blacklisting follow the CIJC agreement. By inserting this clause we are a further step forward in eradicating blacklisting from our industry for once and for all.?

Recipro sourced this article from Construction News.

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