Top 20 Tips to Make Construction Inudustry more Sustainable

posted 09.04.2013
The Green Construction Board is a government and industry partnership that actively promotes the business case for sustainable construction. They’re committed to ensuring that the UK construction industry secures sustained growth in the ever-expanding market for green goods and services.

They have came up with 20 top tips for helping to make the Construction industry more sustainable, it’s a great resource for the industry with guidance to help you on;

  • Waste

  • Water

  • Carbon

  • Building Materials

  • Biodiversity

If you would like to see the top tips for green construction simply click the link below:

Recipro supports any initiative that tries to make the construction industry more sustainable and resource efficient. There’s so much great advice on how to help make your projects more environmentally and economically sound, so be sure to give it a read!

Don’t forget that any surplus building materials you have leftover from a project can be added to Recipro for free and could go towards helping out a local community projects!

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