Thieves force Energy Companies to Increase Customer Bills

posted 20.01.2014

According to BBC inside, criminal gangs are helping homeowners and landlords avoid paying for power by "hotwiring" supplies for as little as £10.

According to fraud investigators from British Gas the thieves are running the risk of gas explosions and endangering lives and could be tampering up to 15 meters a day!

Regulator Ofgem believes that these theft costs the energy industry £400m every single year. But before you feel too sorry for them, you should be aware that this loss is instantly passed on to you their customers.

British Gas for example claims that the thefts increase each customer?s bill by £30 annually. With people and families all over the UK having to choose between eating and heating, a £30 surcharge for energy theft is a substantial hit.

Ofgem says the figure is more like £15, but this is based on a survey of all the big six energy suppliers, some of which appear to be doing nothing to highlight never mind stop the problem.

With the price of living increasing all the time, the UK government has decided to scale back the green initiatives it imposes on energy companies. The move, which has been criticised by a number of green organisations, could result in approximately £50 reduction on annual bills.

Surely if our environment can be sacrificed in order to lower our bills, it can?t be right for the honest and law abiding customers that actually pay their bills to then have them increased to foot the bill for thieves and con artists especially with the energy industry seemingly happy for this to continue as long as it?s not them left short changed.

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Recipro sourced this article from BBC.

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