posted 10.12.2013

This week marked the end of Site Waste Management Plans… or at least the legal requirement to complete one.

Site Waste Management Plans were scrapped as of the Sunday 1st December; the regulation which came into effect in 2008 was eradicated as part of the Government’s red tape review.

Site Waste Management Plans originally came into force to help drive waste minimisation as well as boost reuse and reclamation rates in the construction industry. They were a legal requirement on all projects with a value of over £300k and required contractors to document how they were going to manage waste through all stages of a construction or demolition project.

SWMP’s have been scrapped on the back of a consultation which ended in July this year which saw an equal split of responses (49% each) between maintaining the use of plans and those which wanted to be rid of them. 2% remained neutral. Despite this the decision was taken to terminate them as a requirement.

It remains to be seen whether the repeal of the legislation will have significant effects on the industry with a large volume of contractors surveyed suggesting that they would continue to complete SWMP’s despite no legal obligation to do so. From those that Recipro have spoken to they have also given confirmation of continuity.

Many believe that SWMP’s should have been improved but not scrapped as the principle is a good one and the need to manage waste in the industry better is key.

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