Surplus Food Centre Opens in Yorkshire

posted 13.01.2014
Here at Recipro we are dedicated to redistributing surplus resources for the benefit of the wider community. Our construction surplus centres (ReciproCties) have been able to help many people to access building materials at low prices. Now it appears that the first surplus food ‘social supermarket’.

The ‘supermarket’ located in Goldthorpe, sells food and drink for up to 70% less than on the high-street. The centre has been located in an area of high social deprivation and if successful could be replicated in other locations across Britain. The centre will be limited to those who live in specific postcodes and receive welfare support.

The ‘social supermarket’ opens its doors today for the first time and will not only provide cheap food materials to individuals in or on the verge of social poverty but also to offer financial and budgeting advice as well as cookery skills.

The scheme has received support from a number of high profile retailers and manufacturers including Asda, Tesco, M&S, Co-operative Food, Morrison’s amongst others. They have all committed to diverting surpluses into the pilot scheme at Goldthorpe.

We wish the scheme every success, its great to see other centres committed to repatriating surplus assets and taking active steps to ascending the waste hierarchy benefiting both the environment and local communities.

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