Spending Cuts Met With Disappointment From Waste Industry

posted 28.06.2013
This weeks spending review has been met with disappointment from members of the waste industry following budget cuts to both DEFRA and DECC.

Both departments have a key role in steering future policy on waste and resource management.  Fears have been sparked that the announced cuts of 10% to DEFRA and an 8% reduction in DECC will stall progress in this area.

These budget cuts come in the wake of concerns which have been previously voiced by the industry that DEFRA's resources were already stretched to a point which may potentially compromise their ability to deliver against their remit.  DEFRA’s work scheme over the next few years includes the delivery of a national waste prevention plan, local authority guidance on waste collections and the engagement and review of EU waste policy and legislation.

Chartered Institution of Wastes Management Deputy Chief Executive, Chris Murphy, commented on the announcement “At a time when resource efficiency and security is moving up the agenda, waste policy in England is suffering from a lack of ambition and there is a real risk that we will come to a standstill."

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