Scotland showcase new eco-home

posted 26.09.2013

Here at Recipro we are always interested to hear about innovative projects in the construction industry, especially when they are tackling one of our favourite issues resource efficiency. This one comes from Scotland where they have delivered a scheme to produce the most resource efficient house in Scotland.

The project has been delivered by the Scottish Government?s Resource Efficient Scotland programme and the house is their first project.

The house which has been developed on the BRE Innovation Park in Lanarkshire and showcases a range of energy efficiency and waste reduction building techniques and products.

One area where significant were witnessed in the production of construction waste in the build process. On average this is thought to be about 13 tonnes for every three bed home built in Scotland. This project produced less than 5 tonnes of construction waste, less than 1 tonne of which went to landfill. These reductions have been achieved in part thanks to off-site building reducing the potential exposure of materials to potential weather damage.

Thought has also been given to the increase use of recycled and reused materials within the build itself; this includes the use of recycled paint used to decorate the house as well as other reclaimed materials to produce bar stools and kitchen tops. Thought has also been given to the reuse and recycling materials of at the end of the homes use and deconstruction phase.

It is hoped the learning from this development will not only showcase sustainable construction techniques but also lead to quantifiable improvements in both waste reduction and energy efficiency.

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