RSK Legislation Update Continued

posted 18.04.2013

RSK have provided more legislation changes for our users - check out our previous blog posts for past legislation changes.

EU Construction Products Regulation 305/2011

From 1 July 2013 a construction product will need to be CE marked and accompanied by a declaration of performance if it is to be placed on the market in the European Economic Area and it is covered by:

1) a harmonised European product standard or 2) a European Technical Assessment.  (These are used by manufacturers of products which are not covered by a harmonised European standard but who still wish their products to be CE marked).

The Construction Product Regulations aims to ensure the reliability of information on the performance of such products.  This is achieved through using a common technical language and uniform assessment methods. Purchasers of construction products should look for CE marking on the product they intend to purchase from July 2013.

Sentencing Council Environmental Consultation on the Draft Guideline Sentences for Environmental Offences 

The Sentencing Council is the independent body responsible for developing sentencing guidelines for courts to use when passing a sentence. There is currently limited guidance available on sentencing environmental offences.

The consultation is seeking views on the principal factors that make an environmental offence more or less serious; the additional factors that should influence the sentence; the sentences that should be given for environmental offences and other factors to be considered.

The draft guideline covers sentencing for the unauthorised deposit of waste under the Environmental Protection Act and illegal discharges to air, land and water under the Environmental Permitting Regulations. Other offences considered include the transportation of controlled waste without registration, a breach of duty of care or a breach of an abatement notice.

It is proposed that the level of fine is proportional to the turnover of the organisation being prosecuted. A £2million fine is proposed for the organisations with the highest turnover committing serious offences.

The consultation is open until 6th June 2013.

DEFRA Consultation: Waste prevention programme for England ? Call for evidence

This consultation closes on the 29th April 2013.  The Call for Evidence is assessing the availability of waste data and other details on the current situation along with barriers to reducing waste arisings in England through waste prevention, reuse and repair.

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