Resource – this year at Ecobuild

posted 28.01.2014

A further growing testament to the construction industry?s growing awareness of the importance of resource security has been marked by the announcement of this years Resource event co-located at Ecobuild this year. Resource will be the first major conference focussing exclusively on circular economy principles and will run from March 4th to March 6th.

The theme of the event will be how resource scarcity is changing the way we do business, highlighting the opportunities that exist behind these changes.

The event will include over 100 speakers from major organisations such as M+S and Bam as well as government departments DEFRA and WRAP. Representatives from all aspects of the design, manufacturing, construction and resource recovery sectors will come together to learn about the commercial opportunities which exist.

The construction industry is not only a massive consumer of products but also the largest producer of waste; some evidence estimates anything as high as between 90 and 120 millions tonnes of waste is created from the sector each year. So for the construction industry it is crucial that the industry embraces non linear waste models and realises the potential value of waste. This includes maximising recovery of surplus assets, designing for deconstruction and recovering more from demolition.

Recipro welcomes the growing spotlight on resource security and with it the emergence of new innovation and thinking on the subject.

If you would like more information about the event then please visit -

Remember if you are at Resource or Ecobuild this year then be sure to visit Recipro on stand N1200 t learn about how Recipro is innovating to reduce recover more resources for the benefit of the wider community.


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