Recycling, composting and reusing behaviours

posted 10.12.2009

At we're not just interested in building supplies. We love finding out about the eco-behaviours of the general public. In this survey respondents were asked to consider their current behaviour and willingness to act in relation to five recycling, composting and reusing behaviours (using the stages of change response scale). A breakdown of responses from the 2009 survey is provided i...

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Community recycling and composting

posted 08.12.2009

This post from concerns not just building materials but also the recycling of common waste.  Consistent with 2007, 83% of respondents said there was a bottle or recycling bank in their area. However, reported usage of these facilities had increased slightly compared with 2007 (see Table 18). Around three-quarters (71%) of respondents said they made use of recycling banks, an incre...

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Not buying products because of too much packaging

posted 26.11.2009

Are you concerned about packaging, the recipro team are. Check out this defra survey. Respondents were asked how frequently they decided not to buy something because it has too much packaging (using a six-point scale ranging from always to never). Just 6% of respondents said they always decided not to buy for this reason, while 8% said they did this very often, 7% quite often, 14% sometimes and 14...

Category: environment, recycling

How are we coping with energy saving light bulbs?

posted 17.11.2009

The recipro team love this type of post. They keep us grounded on public attitudes to energy conservation and environmental issues The survey asked respondents to indicate how many light bulbs, including energy saving light bulbs, they had in their home. The mean average for the total number of light bulbs per home was estimated to be 20 per home which is consistent with research carried out by ...

Category: environment, general, recycling

Purchasing Energy Efficient Appliances

posted 11.11.2009

Here at recipro we're looking at respondents' purchases of appliances and whether being "Energy Saving Recommended‟ had been a factor in purchases. The purpose of this the recipro blog isn't just to help you guys save on construction costs, but to help home owners make informed decisions relating to the environment. Respondents were presented with a list of seven household appliances and aske...

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