Recipro looks at pioneering landfill mining project

posted 01.06.2011

[caption id="attachment_3096" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="landfill"][/caption] A Belgium landfill is to become the site of the world?s first high tech landfill mining project. The project has been given the green light to utilise gasification and plasma technology to extract energy and materials from buried waste. The Remo Milieubeheer NV landfill site  in Houthalen-Hechteren, Belgiu...

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Are Recycling Targets Compromising Quality?

posted 17.01.2011

A recent report from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has warned that pressure on local authorities to keep waste out of landfill is at risk of backfiring. Ever increasing target rates for recycling is resulting in an emphasis of quantity not quality, producing a poor quality stream of recyclable material. Accordingly much of this is low-grade recycled material which holds no real economic...

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Rome's Rubbish Hotel

posted 23.08.2010

We have all stayed at rubbish hotels but this one is a little different, it’s a hotel made entirely out of rubbish. The hotel is made up of approximately twelve tonnes of rubbish collected from Europe’s beaches. It has been built as an artistic method of raising awareness about the throwaway culture that we live in and to highlight the coastline’s worrying levels of pollution. The hotel ...

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Food production and climate change

posted 06.01.2010

This post acts as an indicator to how the average person perceives environmental change. It's not just Construction but also food production that contributes to climate change. More than half (57%) agreed with the statement that "food production contributes to climate change", while 12% disagreed with this. However about one third either did not know (10%) or said they neither agreed nor disagree...

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Food purchasing, consumption, growing & composting

posted 22.12.2009

Readers... down your Builders surplus supply.  We're in a festive mood here at Recipro. The turkeys have been purchased and Grandma's itching to help out with the Christmas Pudding. This post looks at a number of behaviours relating to food purchasing and consumption at home as well as growing your own fruit and vegetables and composting in the garden. Table 22 presents the findings for four food...

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