Recipro's reused warehouse

posted 27.06.2011


Recipro?s parent company, The Trustland Group were involved in a project for a local client who was relocating their business. The project involved the com­plete strip out and refits of their existing office, as well as the total clearance of their storage and warehouse areas.

Trustland explained the recipro concept to the client; they explained that using recipro and allowing the reuse of the second hand materials would enable a cost saving as opposed to disposing of the materials. As waste disposal had been included in the original quote for the job, the client did not ask for any payment for the reusable materials.

Trustland, having recently moved into new offices required the fitting out of their own storage areas, and so reused the stripped out shelving to create a workable warehouse.

 What was reused?

6 racks of Longspan shelving

62 sections BSS industrial angle shelving (various sizes)

30 spare shelves

12 spare angle iron supports

What savings were made?

If purchasing these materials new, they would have cost £11,168

If disposed of it would have been almost 7 tonnes of reusable second hand materials being sent to landfill.

The volume of these items would have filled 4 roll on roll off skips at £500 each, plus 3 men for 2 days at £320. (Note: the dismantling of the shelving for reuse required 2 men for 5 days at £1600)

TOTAL SAVING = £10,888

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