Recipro looks at pioneering landfill mining project

posted 01.06.2011

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A Belgium landfill is to become the site of the world?s first high tech landfill mining project. The project has been given the green light to utilise gasification and plasma technology to extract energy and materials from buried waste.

The Remo Milieubeheer NV landfill site  in Houthalen-Hechteren, Belgium has more than 16 million tonnes of stored waste of which estimates suggest up to 45% can be recycled as material.

Advanced Plasma Power (APP) has formed a joint venture with global waste management firm Group Machiels to carry out the pioneering work which has been dubbed the ?closing the circle? project.

An on-site energy plant will be constructed which will feed energy into the national electricity grid in Flanders.

The gasification and plasma technology converts the waste stream into a clean hydrogen-rich syngas and vitrified recyclate product which can be used as a building material or replacement aggregate.

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