Recipro Look at Eco Hotels of the World

posted 23.07.2013

The holiday season is upon us!  Offices all over the country are turning into abandoned wastelands as employees embark upon exciting adventures or relaxing chill out weeks.  In the Recipro team we have already had colleagues whiz off to Turkey and Malta, and the boss is off to Italy soon.

As I?m scheduled to spend the summer in good old Blighty (someone?s got to answer the phones!), I thought I?d torture educate myself by looking at green holiday resorts and some of the innovative green building materials and techniques they have employed.

The first one I?m looking at is in my favourite city ? Boston.  The Seaport Hotel in Boston was awarded four Eco Stars by Eco Hotels of the World, which considers the following areas:

  • Energy

  • Water

  • Disposal

  • Eco-Active

  • Protection

The eco star rating also looks at:

  • Dependence on the natural environment

  • Ecological sustainability

  • Proven contribution to conservation

  • Provision of environmental training programs

  • Incorporation of cultural considerations

  • Provision of an economic return to the local community

[caption id="attachment_5348" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The Boston Seaport Hotel"][/caption]

The Seaport Hotel have all sorts of green initiatives and environmental commitments, but one of my favourites was:

?We donate all usable towels, bed linen, blankets and bath amenities to the Pine Street Inn Shelter? ? reuse in local community is obviously a message close to Recipro?s heart and this is a great example.

Some of the eco building initiatives include motion-sensors for lights, energy smart meters and they use renewable energy credits.  The Seaport were also the first Boston hotel to offer guests an in-room recycling service.  Guests at The Seaport can get around Boston on the hotel's zero-emissions, electric water taxi.  They are also big supporters of local produce, and sustainable food suppliers.  And they have Canine Cocktail nights?(not really related to their green building credentials, but I like it!)

The Zimbali Retreat in Jamaica received five eco stars.  They are a 100% off grid retreat + 7 acre organic fruit and food farm with solar power, solar hot water- special refrigerators, lighting, and washing machine.  They are also 100% water efficient with pure rain water harvesting and spring water for drinking. They use local produce, reusable products and minimal packaging suppliers, so produce very little to no waste.  They say that as their staff have lived in the mountains all their lives, they know no other way, which is great!  Their entire concept is built around educating their guests about their activities and environmental activities. They also have a non-profit called EACH (Empress Alicia?s Children?s Help) and take in donations for the community to help local kids go to school.

[caption id="attachment_5349" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Urnatur Retreat in Sweden"][/caption]

And finally, Urnatur ? a five eco star Swedish retreat with cottages and tree houses in a forest.  The resort is not connected to an electricity supply, and is heated using their own sustainable wood supply.  Small solar panels produce a small amount of electricity to work the water pump and lighting in the bathrooms.  They use earth fridge?s to store food without electricity and water is supplied from their own well.

So where are you going on your holidays?  Would you be influenced by a hotel?s green credentials? Would you want to stay in an eco building?  Let us know your thoughts and enjoy your Summer!

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