Recipro find their next holiday destination in Spanish eco lodge

posted 29.04.2010
When planning your holiday this year why not consider an eco-lodge?  They are less harmful to the environment than most holiday homes and they are beautiful in their simplicity.  After writing a blog on the Pembrokeshire eco village I was interested to look at other buildings and projects catering for environmentally aware people.  During my search I came across news of a set of eco lodges which have been constructed in Spain and was delighted to discover that these idyllic buildings had little impact on the environment.  The building materials used most in the construction is European oak, which makes up the walls, floors and ceiling.  The oak, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, is tougher and more resistant than soft wood timber and was chosen because of the high levels of insulation offered to shelter inhabitants from the harsh winter weather.  Due to the remote location of the building, the timber was carried by hand down existing paths on the hillside. 

 Additionally, the lodge is not connected to mains and is run on solar power alone with a back up generator for emergencies.  The water is gained through water catchment and a purification system and there is a composting toilet.  Even the interior was designed around specifications to remain as sustainable as possible.  Simon Payne, director of the company Blue Forest who designed and constructed the lodge, has said that “The owner specifically wanted to minimise environmental impact by renewable power and rainwater rather than mains supplies.”

 Great attention was paid in order to cause no distress to the surrounding trees, the location itself was chosen so that no trees would have to be felled to make way for the building and when it came to supporting the freestanding building, cement was poured into hand dug holes for the support posts, preventing any roots of nearby trees being damaged.

The lodges themselves look out from the Andalucian Hills with spectacular views across the Straight of Gibraltor.  The natural surroundings coupled with simple yet beautiful buildings make these eco lodges the perfect holiday destination, not to mention their small impact on the environment.  It is safe to say the Recipro team have found their next location for a relaxing and sustainable retreat!

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