Recipro celebrate national shed week!

posted 04.07.2011
All the waiting is over?It?s finally here?Happy National Shed Week everyone!

This week marks the 5th National Shed Week. I know what you are thinking how many trivial themed weeks must we endure, and my recipro colleagues seem to agree, one exclaiming ?how can they have a national shed week?? What she doesn?t realise is the great history behind the British love affair with sheds. If every Englishman?s home is his castle then the shed represents his weekend place.

As a house hunter embarking on my first foray into the house buying process, a garden in which to place a formidable shed is an absolute must on the check list. Whilst traditionally a male salvation, the advent of summer houses has sparked a new female interest in garden outbuildings.

So on this week I wanted to share with you a few fascinating shed related facts?.

  • On average men between the ages of 30 and 76 spend a total of 11 months in their shed, an average of over 3 hours a week

  • Over a third of men head directly to their shed as soon as they get home from a long day at work

  • One tenth of men seek solace in their shed to listen to music away from the family

  • A quarter of men state that the shed is the only place in their home where they feel truly relaxed

  • 23 per cent of men have slept in their shed?too many drinks perhaps?!

One of the sheds great qualities is its versatility of uses, from storage, DIY, painting and mending. to much less strenuous activities like reading and sleeping. Sheds play an integral part in the lives of many Brits, so once again Happy Shed Week everyone!

Oh?.and remember if you need to make some room in your shed, recipro is a free website to promote any leftover or surplus building materials or DIY materials which lets face it you?re never going to use?but someone else might.

Recipro sourced the facts for this article from Cuprinol

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