Qatar to submit Report on Construction Working Conditions

posted 31.01.2014

There have been more developments in the World Cup Construction scandals as Qatar, who were awarded the 2022 world cup, have been given just 2 weeks in order to show FIFA a report on the steps it has taken to improve the working conditions for labourers.

Recently the next World Cup host, Brazil, has come under fire with regards to workers safety following a crane collapse that killed 2 workers.

But this isn?t the first time Qatar has involved in scandal since they were awarded the World Cup. Human rights campaigners Amnesty International have condemned working conditions for workers on Qatari World Cup construction projects in the past.

Their findings showed that workers have been subjected to dangerous working conditions, non-payment and unfit accommodation. They also stated that workers were working 12 hours a day, seven days a week even during the Qatar summer months which have been known to cross the 50 degree Celsius mark.

Following the announcement regarding the report, a Fifa statement read, "Fifa firmly believes in the power the World Cup can have in triggering positive social change in Qatar,". The report will be presented by Fifa to a hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels next month.

Recipro sourced this article from BBC.


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