Olympics under Scrutiny

posted 11.07.2012

This year is a busy year for the country as a whole sporting wise. After the dismay we have all felt after euro 2012 we have the optimistic chance of gaining success at the Olympics. But perhaps in the bigger picture the magnitude of this event is putting a lot of stress on London and the people behind it who have promised things that they are finding increasingly hard to deliver. The whole ide...

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Interviews with Recipro Supporters

posted 06.01.2012

This video features some of the interviews by some of our supporters and partners at the opening of ReciproCity Wirral. It includes comments by Travis Perkins, RSK Group, Social Enterprise Network and Room 4 Consulting. Thanks guys! ...

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ReciproCity Wirral Open Day

posted 22.12.2011

We opened the first ReciproCity in December, and here is the video showing some of the highlights of the day.  For more information about the ReciproCity, please read this earlier post.   ...

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Recipro Launches First ReciproCity on Wirral

posted 05.12.2011

A UK first for charities and community groups has now launched on the Wirral. ReciproCity Wirral is a first of a kind business, selling surplus construction materials into charities and community projects at a fraction of the retail price. Working in conjunction with the web based business Recipro, launched by local entrepreneur Les Owens in 2008, the new service will provide valuable resources t...

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Recipro Wales

posted 09.09.2010

Our Recipro website, for the construction industry in Wales to trade waste materials usually destined for landfill sites will go live in November. Recipro is an online way for the construction supply chain to manage its surplus materials builders and others tradesmen can access http://www.recipro-uk.com/ and offer their surplus bricks, timber or other materials online and then be matched to po...

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