Plastic bag levy confirmed - but not until 2015

posted 20.09.2013

Here at Recipro we have followed with interest the recent coverage of the carrier bag debate. It seems that the coalition has finally confirmed (after much speculation) that England will be following the example of Wales and Northern Ireland and introducing a 5p levy on single-use plastic bags. However criticism has followed the announcement, with the charge not coming into effect until after the 2015 election.

Following the introduction of the levy supermarkets and stores employing more than 250 employees will apply the 5p charge for each single use carrier bag. All proceeds from the levy will be donated to charity.

Whilst the news has been welcomed by both the retail sector and environmentalists the timescales have been widely criticised. It is thought that this decision has been slowed by opposition to the levy by various some sections of the Government. Whilst environmentalists will point out this levy will only have a small impact on the overall waste problem, they key is to changing behaviours. Single use carrier bags have become a symbol of our throw away culture, not only this but they are an eyesore when they litter our streets and take 1000 years to degrade.

Its successes have been widely publicised following introduction in Wales and Northern Ireland and we here welcome the news.

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