Faster Payments for Suppliers & Sub-Contractors

posted 21.01.2014

Nucleus Commercial finance is offering medium sized contractors the chance to set up an early payment system with their suppliers and sub contractors. The first major contractor to set up a similar scheme was Carillion, in which their suppliers pay a fee to have their invoices settled early, with payments coming direct from the bank rather than the main contractor. Nucleus have now introduced a...

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Thieves force Energy Companies to Increase Customer Bills

posted 20.01.2014

According to BBC inside, criminal gangs are helping homeowners and landlords avoid paying for power by "hotwiring" supplies for as little as £10. According to fraud investigators from British Gas the thieves are running the risk of gas explosions and endangering lives and could be tampering up to 15 meters a day! Regulator Ofgem believes that these theft costs the energy industry £400m every s...

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Banks Stopping 1 in 5 Construction SMEs from Growth & Expansion

posted 20.01.2014

1 in every 5 construction firms have been forced to cancel plans for expansion and growth as they are unable to raise sufficient funds from banks. According to the latest trade survey from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), 19% of their members have cancelled plans to expand because banks are refusing to lend to them. Brian Berry, FMB Chief Executive, said: ?The danger is that the continui...

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Number of Landfill Sites Decrease

posted 13.01.2014

Since the UK fell into recession in 2008 there have been 150 landfill site closures with 20 coming in the last 12 months. A recent study by BDS Marketing Research has estimated that UK landfill sites now take less than 30 million tonnes of waste. This is the lowest level of waste being landfilled and has happened for several reasons - the landfill tax escalator, moves to divert materials into alt...

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Reducing Green Levies could result in 10,000 jobs being lost

posted 22.11.2013

The UK Green Building Council and the construction industry has warned the Government to be cautious when thinking of cuts to ?green levies? on energy bills as it could risks the loss of 10,000 construction and insulation jobs. The body warns that there could be job cuts before Christmas if the Chancellor unveils measures to cut or scale-back Energy Company Obligation in the Autumn statement on...

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