Olympics under Scrutiny

posted 11.07.2012

This year is a busy year for the country as a whole sporting wise. After the dismay we have all felt after euro 2012 we have the optimistic chance of gaining success at the Olympics. But perhaps in the bigger picture the magnitude of this event is putting a lot of stress on London and the people behind it who have promised things that they are finding increasingly hard to deliver.

The whole idea of delivering the greenest games ever is a challenge in itself considering the amount of work that needed to be done in the time period it had been assigned.

In a controversial move the previous statement of achieving carbon neutrality, instead trying to ?reduce? and ?mitigate? carbon omissions which is a moderation of their original promise and shows the weaknesses involved with this summers Olympics.

In a sort of irony the Olympic torch will actually be carbon neutral which is described by the energy partners EDF as a symbolic gesture. This adds to the supposed failure of control associated with this current Olympics. Maybe more emphasis on the use of green building would have been smart and advisable to stop waste and not use unnecessary money which could be used for better effect elsewhere.

Domestically, 2012 is significant because it marks the final year of Britain's first carbon budget. The budget commits the UK to legally binding emissions cuts, soLondon's failure to stage a low-carbon Olympics would prove highly embarrassing. Also to take into account is the amount of construction waste that may be left over which obviously has a value and has cost money but a project of this size may leave a lot of leftover materials that instead of wasting could be put to a better use.

But when the games comes around these facts are going to be irrelevant for the time being anyway as the actual events will take the spot light. But with Britain promising so much they are now under extreme pressure to deliver and a failure to do so can besmirch the good name of the company and leave a black mark on the event which is something we as a country will want to avoid.

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