Number of Landfill Sites Decrease

posted 13.01.2014

Since the UK fell into recession in 2008 there have been 150 landfill site closures with 20 coming in the last 12 months.

A recent study by BDS Marketing Research has estimated that UK landfill sites now take less than 30 million tonnes of waste. This is the lowest level of waste being landfilled and has happened for several reasons - the landfill tax escalator, moves to divert materials into alternative treatment routes, and a lack of granted site extensions.

According to the research, the largest national landfill company continues to be FCC Environment, with Viridor overtaking Biffa as the second largest landfill operator. Together, these three companies are estimated to have around 40% of the market.

There are marked differences at regional level. In most parts of England, the leading six landfill companies represent over 80% of the market. Northern England, Wales and Scotland, buck that trend though, with the largest operators having a much smaller share of the market. In these areas, the shares of the leading companies represent around 70% or less of the total landfill market.

Recipro exists to lower the amount of brand new and reusable materials entering the waste and recycling streams. We welcome the decline of landfill sites and hope that the UK?s waste efficiency continues to improve.

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