Not buying products because of too much packaging

posted 26.11.2009
Are you concerned about packaging, the recipro team are. Check out this defra survey. Respondents were asked how frequently they decided not to buy something because it has too much packaging (using a six-point scale ranging from always to never). Just 6% of respondents said they always decided not to buy for this reason, while 8% said they did this very often, 7% quite often, 14% sometimes and 14% occasionally. Come on UK lets Recycling gb

The largest group of respondents (46%) said they never decided not to buy something because it had too much packaging. It should be noted that this is less than the proportion of respondents who were at the pre-contemplation or rejection stage for this behaviour (58% of all respondents said they hadn't really thought about the behaviour or had rejected it - as shown in Table 15). This implies that some people who said they had rejected or had not really given any thought to not buying things because they had too much packaging were actually (at least occasionally) avoiding products because they had too much packaging.

Come on guys... lets make Recycling gb our priority!

Category: environment, recycling