New Reuse Standard Proposed

posted 06.09.2013

Here at Recipro we read with interest that WRAP has released draft proposals for a new standard for the reuse sector. The proposed standard aims to help build customer confidence in reused products across all reuse sectors.

The publication proposes a sector wide standard so organisations can offer products for reuse that have undergone a formalised quality assured process. This comes on the back of a study which demonstrated that consumer confidence in reuse products is low. Currently few standards or codes exist in the sector so reuse quality can vary widely, or at least that is the consumer view.

WRAP have stated their belief that the Re-use standard will address this lack of quality assurance and build consumer confidence in reused products. As part of the proposal they are now entering into a consultation phase and are inviting comments from the sector.

Early feedback includes warnings from the Furniture Reuse Network that the standard needs much more work stating that the standard is ?lacking content and scope of risks, liabilities or application? and in its current from would be ?devastating for the future of the reuse sector?.

The draft has been produced in association with a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) which includes stakeholders from across the reuse sector, public bodies and Government representatives.

The consultation will be open for 2 months.



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