More hot air for Sustainability

posted 19.11.2013
Many cynics will declare that there is plenty of hot air in the world of sustainability, but now hot air also means action with an innovative new scheme working with the London Underground.

Trudging through the London Underground is hot work especially with lap top and luggage in tow. When you factor in the vast crowds of people rushing to and fro in a mass frenzy to reach immanent departures intent on avoiding the two minute wait to the next train it can be a pretty heated experience.

Now though at least some of the heat produced by the London Underground will be going to good use with the announcement that 500 local homes in Islington will benefit from waste heat.

The London Underground generates large volumes of heat and a new partnership between Islington Council, Transport for London, UK Power Networks and the Mayor of London will help to channel this heat into homes.

The £3.7m scheme will channel hot air from a ventilation shaft and sub station on the Northern Line into an existing heating and power network and will be used to heat approximately 500 homes in Islington.

The scheme is a potentially exiting innovation with Councillor Rakhia Ismail, (Islington Council’s executive member for sustainability) dubbing this a “boost to our work to tackle fuel poverty and make Islington a fairer place.

 Recipro sourced this article from the Construction Enquirer

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