Milliband’s Pledge to get Britain Building

posted 25.09.2013

As the political season kicks off again after a long summer break Ed Milliband, speaking yesterday at Labours conference in Brighton laid out his plans to get Britain building, pledging to double the number of homes being built should Labour regain power.

In his speech Labour leader Ed Milliband promised that the labour party would overhaul house building and pledged to deliver a million new homes by 2020. This will be a key theme in the Labour manifesto for the 2015 election.

Part of this pledge is the creation of a ?rebuilding Britain commission? who would be tasked with delivering a new phase of garden cities and new towns. This would be achieved by working with developers and councils to identify sites and drive action, in the case of developers sitting on land banks they were warned that they would be forced into action with a ?use it or lose it? law.

Ahead of the next election Labour will produce a list of potential sites for these new towns.

These proposals were quickly condemned by some though who see these proposals as a land grab exercise which will threaten our countryside. Milliband stated that towns had the ?right to grow?; concerns will undoubtedly be raised as to whether this right will replace environmental considerations as well as the views of locals.

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