Highest Ever BREEAM score awarded

posted 17.12.2013

The highest ever BREEAM sustainability score has been achieved at PWC?s headquarters at One Embankment Place, London. The score of 96.31% surpasses all previous BREEAM sustainability ratings. The previous highest score was achieved by the The Co-Operative Groups new head office last month which was awarded 95.16% in the BREEAM assessment. Both projects have achieved previously unheard of ratings...

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posted 10.12.2013

This week marked the end of Site Waste Management Plans… or at least the legal requirement to complete one. Site Waste Management Plans were scrapped as of the Sunday 1st December; the regulation which came into effect in 2008 was eradicated as part of the Government’s red tape review. Site Waste Management Plans originally came into force to help drive waste minimisation as well as boost reus...

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Blacklisting Saga Continues

posted 22.11.2013

Blacklisting has once again dominated the news in the construction industry this week, firstly protests were held this week leading to one protester being hospitalised. It has also emerged that 1200 blacklisted individuals could be in line for compensation. Scuffles broke out at a demonstration at a construction project in Leeds the week, campaigning against the process of blacklisting, the proce...

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Labour pledge to scrap green deal

posted 27.09.2013

As we continue to follow the Labour 2013 Conference in Brighton the latest interesting news for the construction industry comes with Ed Milliband?s pledge to scrap the green deal. The green deal aims to retrofit millions of Britain?s homes by offering the installation of green technologies with no up front cost, paying the costs back through future energy bills. However the initative has not been...

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Milliband’s Pledge to get Britain Building

posted 25.09.2013

As the political season kicks off again after a long summer break Ed Milliband, speaking yesterday at Labours conference in Brighton laid out his plans to get Britain building, pledging to double the number of homes being built should Labour regain power. In his speech Labour leader Ed Milliband promised that the labour party would overhaul house building and pledged to deliver a million new ho...

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