Labour pledge to scrap green deal

posted 27.09.2013
As we continue to follow the Labour 2013 Conference in Brighton the latest interesting news for the construction industry comes with Ed Milliband?s pledge to scrap the green deal.

The green deal aims to retrofit millions of Britain?s homes by offering the installation of green technologies with no up front cost, paying the costs back through future energy bills. However the initative has not been taken up by nearly as many as hoped which has reinforced Mr Milliband?s plans to dismiss of the scheme. He described the green deal as ?failing? and cited its take up as ?woefully inadequate?. However, Conservatives have called for patience with the scheme still in its relative infancy.

Should Labour be successful at the 2015 election then they plan to replace the green deal with their own energy save scheme. They believe that this should address interest rates (which they believe are set too high within the green deal scheme) as well as concerns over early repayment.

UKGBC Chief Executive Paul King called for caution when discussing scheme replacement as this could potentially undermine confidence in the construction sector. He also called for greater incentives to help kick start people into action.

Incentives have been suggested previously such as discounts on council tax and stamp duty but it remains to be seen whether this will be considered in either the green deal or energy save scheme.

Recipro sourced this article from the Guardian


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