Reducing Green Levies could result in 10,000 jobs being lost

posted 22.11.2013

The UK Green Building Council and the construction industry has warned the Government to be cautious when thinking of cuts to ?green levies? on energy bills as it could risks the loss of 10,000 construction and insulation jobs. The body warns that there could be job cuts before Christmas if the Chancellor unveils measures to cut or scale-back Energy Company Obligation in the Autumn statement on...

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Celebrating Social Enterprise Day

posted 21.11.2013

 Today is Social Enterprise Day, a day set up to celebrate and recognise the achievements of the social enterprise sector around the world. The Social Enterprise movement started over two decades ago but has emerged and grown into a significant contributor to the British economy. There are now over 68,000 social enterprises in Britain including some household names such as The Cooperative Group, ...

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Corruption rife in Construction Industry?

posted 21.11.2013

I read with interest on this week's Construction Enquirer website an article which claims that corruption and bribery are still rife in construction. With so many good things happening in the construction industry it is with disappointment that we read today that some of the traditional pitfalls of the industry still exist. Some specialist contractors are even threatening to quit the industry for...

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Sixth cyclist death in two weeks leads to calls for rush-hour HGV ban in capital

posted 20.11.2013

Six cyclist fatalities in a two week span has increased pressure to place a ban on HGV lorries using the roads in London during rush hour. The latest fatality came after a collision between a cyclist believed to be in his sixties and a lorry in south-east London. This is the 14th cycling casualty on London?s roads of 2013, nine of which involved HGV?s. The construction industry would be potentia...

Category: health and safety, industry, Mike Close

Amnesty International blasts construction workers conditions

posted 19.11.2013

In September Recipro wrote about reports of shocking working conditions for migrant workers in Qatar, it appears similar reports have surfaced this time from human rights campaigners Amnesty International which further highlight and attack the condition of migrant workers in Qatar. Their findings showed that workers have been subjected to dangerous working conditions, non-payment and unfit accom...

Category: health and safety, in the news, industry, Mike Close



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