How to use recipro

posted 26.05.2011

recipro is a free to use exchange for surplus and reusable construction materials.  This post describes how our members can use recipro to find cheap building materials or even free building materials, and pass on any used building supplies and surplus.

How do I use recipro?

Recipro is quick and easy to use to pass on and source surplus materials. Click here for more information.

How to register

Click on the ‘Free sign up’ button on the home page and fill in all the details.

How to add users

If you want to add more users for your organisation, just login and select Add User.

Fill in their details and select their level of administration.

Administrators can add items direct to the website, add and delete users. Users must have any items they upload authorised by an administrator before they go live on the website.

How to add items

There are two methods:
1. Online: Log in to your account and select Add Item. You can then enter the details and upload a photograph.
2. Via MMS: If you have registered a mobile phone number with us then you can upload via your phone – perfect for busy tradesmen out on site. Simply take a photograph and send with a short description to 07595595595

How to de-list items

Any enquiries about your item will be emailed to you. They are also visible when you login to your account. When you have managed to pass your item on, login and select My Items or Organisation Items. Select Delist and enter the reason for delisting.

How to enquire about items

Seen something you need? Make sure you are logged in to recipro and click Contact Vendor. Enter your message and send. The vendor will then contact you to discuss the exchange.

How to save a search

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Need certain materials regularly? Let recipro search for you!

Login to your account and select Search for Me, enter the list of materials you require and select your region from the drop down box. We will email you automatically if anything matching your search becomes available.

To delete or edit saved searches, login and select My Saved Searches.

We hope this was helpful for you - if you need any help using recipro, please contact us.

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