Going Green Series: Tradesmen and SME Builders

posted 25.06.2013
The rise of the green agenda has challenged every sector to start thinking differently about the way they operate, but what does this mean for the small builder?  In the first of our new mini series of blog posts about 'Going Green', we look at some small changes we can make to have a big impact on our environmental footprint as well as save a few quid in the process.

Whether it?s the van you drive, the tools and building materials you use or the records you keep, small businesses are increasingly being driven to think about how they can be more environmentally aware. Its not just government legislation changing the industry but also client pressure, so making changes now may help to retain business for the future.

Here are some tips worth considering to keep you ahead of the game:

  • Use local suppliers ? reducing road miles not only keeps wealth in the local community but also reduces the amount of CO2 released from fuel emissions

  • Turn it off -  your power tools and electrical equipment still use power even when on standby, so switch it off at the wall

  • Reduce your packaging ? If possible buy products with less packaging and choose suppliers who will take packaging back

  • Think Eco-Friendly ? Encourage clients to think about eco-friendly products and green building materials, the short term outlay is often more than compensated by long term financial savings

  • Environmentally Friendly Vehichles ? gas guzzling vehicles not only hit you in the pocket but also are damaging for the environment, a range of economical vans now exist, with additional fuel types also becoming popular such as LPG or Bio fuels

  • Recharge it - Use rechargeable batteries in battery operated equipment

  • Reuse It ? If you have building materials leftover either use them on your next project or donate/sell them using the Recipro website

  • Reduce printing ? avoid printing non essential documents and emails and where possible keep your communication online, not only does this cut down on paperwork but gives a useful audit trail. If you need to print use recycled paper and print double sided

Whilst this is just a selection of tips to ensure your business is keeping up with the green agenda, they demonstrate some measures to meet the changing environment in which we operate. Thinking green can help save money, meet changing legislation and keep your clients happy.

We would love to hear any other green tips for tradespeople, please get in touch by commenting below, posting on our Facebook page or contacting us at info@recipro-uk.com.

Keep an eye out for the next blog in the Going Green Series!

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