Global Warming

posted 17.07.2012
It has been a question asked for many years, what is global warming? Those unaware of what it symbolises dismissed it as a myth and didn’t believe the hype, but now the prospect of its realness is something even the most stubborn person will have to consider due to the baffling nature of the weather recently.

Climate change researchers have been able to attribute recent examples of extreme weather to the effects of human activity on the planet's climate systems for the first time, marking a major step forward in climate research. This could mean we as people of Great Britain may not be as unlucky as we thought when it comes to the weather and may in fact me the creators of our own problems.

In the past even the most qualified environmental scientist wouldn’t have been able to know 100% how we had been struck with such brutal forecasts. It is important to note that the art of probability has been included with many of the extremes. According to scientists the November of 2011 doesn’t point in the direction of coincidence and is 60X more likely to have occurred due to manmade assistance which immediately makes me think towards change.

But the researchers also said that not every extreme weather event could be attributed to climate change. For instance, the extremely cold British winter of 2010 didn’t fall under that heading in fact seemed to have no input from climate change.

To conclude it may be a while before the finger can be pointed completely but hopefully one day we may find out what is causing the summers to be so dire and unpredictable and can give us a heads up whether or not to bring out our umbrellas or put on our shorts.

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