Furniture Village target Community Reuse

posted 19.08.2013
Furniture Village has celebrated achieving zero waste to landfill but will not be resting on their laurels as they target greater reuse in an attempt to push its waste activities up the waste hierarchy.

All sites are now achieving zero waste, diverting an estimated 2,500 tonnes of material away from landfill each year. However, the retail chain have pledged that this is just a milestone and they aim to continue to improve waste performance by targeting reuse.

By creating partnerships with their waste contractor and community groups they plan to increase the number of items given for reuse to local communities. The retail group collects on average 20,000 items of old furniture each year when delivering their products, they have identified that this could lead to a significant number of items being donated back into local communities. Over the last few years this has been put into practice with the donation of 3500 pieces donated to the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

In addition they have now begun working with the Furniture Reuse Network (FRN) who support over 300 re-use charities to assist in meeting aims to reduce poverty, as well as waste through furniture reuse to people in need.

Recipro applaud the efforts made by the retailer to support community projects, these resources can prove invaluable to organisations which have suffered following community funding cuts.

Category: environment, Third Sector